The first set of independent crude benzene hydrogenation refining equipment was built

Last week, the reporter learned from Southwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry and Design that the first set of crude benzene hydrofining industrial equipment built by China Neijiang Tianke Company using China's proprietary intellectual property technology was a 25,000-ton/year coking crude benzene hydrogenation industrial demonstration plant. Until now, it has been successfully run for 45 days, and all the indicators of the device have reached or exceeded the design requirements. The device is provided by Southwest Academy and Tianyi Technology Co., Ltd., providing patented technology and engineering design. The promotion and application of crude benzene hydrofining technology can not only make full use of valuable benzene resources, but also effectively improve the clean production level of crude benzene refining.

It is reported that the refining of coking crude benzene is one of the basic technologies of coal chemical industry. After the crude benzene is refined through further processing, various products such as pure benzene, toluene, xylene and heavy benzene can be obtained. At present, domestic crude benzene refining processes include acid washing and hydrogenation. Most of the domestic fine benzene production plants use pickling, but due to the low purity of benzene, large amounts of unprocessable acid tars in the production process, and low product quality and product yield, the pickling method has been banned by the state for a limited period of time. ban.

The crude benzene hydrofining technology is a technology for producing high-quality benzene hydrocarbons through catalytic hydrogenation and removal of sulfur compounds and non-aromatic hydrocarbons in crude benzene. Catalytic hydrogenation is usually divided into three processes: high temperature and high pressure, medium temperature medium pressure and low temperature and low pressure. Crude benzene hydrogenation refinery has advanced technology, high purity of benzene produced, basically no difference with the performance of petroleum benzene products, and can achieve effective separation with toluene, xylene, etc. The products are pure benzene, toluene, xylene (including o-xylene , m-xylene and p-xylene), toluene, and heavy benzene.

It is understood that due to the low energy consumption, low cost, and good product quality of the crude benzene hydrofining process, it represents the current development direction of crude benzene processing and refining. China's Baosteel and Shijiazhuang Coking Plants have a total of four sets of crude benzene hydrogenation equipment imported from abroad, with a production capacity of approximately 210,000 tons/year.

The 25,000-ton/year coking crude benzene hydrogenation industrial demonstration unit uses low-temperature low-pressure hydrodesulfurization technology and extractive distillation technology to produce petrochemical-grade pure benzene, toluene and xylene from coking crude benzene. According to the Southwest Institute and related persons in Tianke, the device's crude benzene processing capacity can reach 28,000 tons/year. Due to the adoption of special crude benzene vaporization process, the polymerization coking blockage in the evaporation process is effectively reduced, and the long-term stable production of the device can be guaranteed.

In terms of energy utilization, the hydrogenation part of the plant fully utilizes the reaction heat, and the rectification section adopts pressure rectification to increase the utilization rate of steam. The energy consumption of the entire plant is significantly reduced, and there is no “three wastes” emission. In addition, the device also uses a special extractant, the use of composite extractive distillation tower to achieve extractive distillation, triphenyl yield ≥97%. According to calculations, this set of equipment that invests 40 million yuan will be able to recover all the investment in one year.

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