Shang Yihong: Always Be A Responsible Commercial Vehicle Company

Jessie GENLYON heavy truck shocked debut

SAIC Iveco Hongyan is a heavy truck joint venture in China and has received much attention since its establishment. Her body not only flowed the blood of the original Hongyan, but also gave the heavy truck joint venture company a successful historical mission; she not only carried the hopes of SAIC, Iveco, and Hongyan’s tripartite decision to become bigger and stronger heavy trucks, but also shouldered their burdens. Inherit and continue Hongyan's revolutionary spirit. Since the ceremony was established on June 15, 2007, every change, every step of integration, and each new product launch has caused a sensation in the entire automotive world. In particular, in the short period of three months following the listing of the “Specialty Paunch” heavy truck in December last year, the “Jielion GENLYON” heavy truck was again launched in Beijing. This new product embodies the strength of joint ventures, not only the quality of this new product itself can cover. It is more of a manifestation. As stated by Yang Shuyi, general manager of Yihong, as above, it represents the confidence of Shang Yihong in the Chinese market, and a responsibility for users, companies, shareholders, and society. Shang Yihong must be a responsible commercial vehicle company.

Responsibility to users is the foundation of the company's survival. The user is the company's food and clothing parents, the user's request is the first element of promoting technological progress. Only really close to users, with a responsible attitude to serve customers, to meet a variety of different markets, a variety of different needs, urging users to worry about, think about what users think, more from the perspective of the user to start, respect the user's views In order to win the trust of users for a long time.

Responsibility to users is not empty talk. The true realization of it is to reflect many small and detailed practices. The delivery cycle, the timeliness of services, the supply of spare parts, and the convenience of financing facilities are all examples. Of course, the most representative responsibility for users is also to provide users with heavy-duty products with superior performance, comfortable driving and economic security. From "special tyrants" to "king lions", they all continued the huge superior performance of the Hongyan heavy truck in the construction vehicle's sturdy and durable construction. Moreover, the "jie lion" is an advanced technology that combines European heavy trucks. Whether it is a fashionable appearance or The optimized electronic control, low noise, and high safety cab all reflect a responsibility to the user. It is precisely because of this strong sense of responsibility that all service users are the norm. Therefore, at the beginning of its establishment, Shang Yihong has increased the construction of its marketing and service network, and has increased its The training of network service personnel around the country strives to provide faster and better service to users. The listing of “Jieshi” new products is a commitment to the first batch of users to provide uninterrupted, full nanny-style free services for three years, allowing users to use them more reassured.

Responsible for the company, but more is reflected in the responsibility of the staff. Employees are the foundation of the company. Only by allowing employees to feel at ease and love their posts and dedication, will the operation of the company be efficient and be able to speak with vitality. Enterprises must survive in order to survive, especially to build first-class enterprises, but also need to have first-rate employees. Shang Yihong is always the best place for internal management of employees. Jiang Shenghua, the labor union chairman of Shang Yihong, once said that excellent companies must be embodied in “cohesion”. As long as the company has the centripetal force and cohesion, even if it is difficult to face the outside world, it can all overcome and be overcome. Since the founding of the joint venture company, it has organized many job contests, selected advanced figures, advanced collectives, and created the song of Red Rock of the company's soul. Let all employees of the company be close to the family. "We have found your cornerstone in Bashan and drowning in water and found the green memories that were engraved on them. Although the traces of years remain on the face, the hardships of several generations have been washed by wind, rain, snow and snow. Tracing the dream of a national take-off, the assembly line will sing unceasingly to the march!......" The song of Hongyan inspires the employees to be more motivated, and the constant development and change of Shang Yihong also makes the company turn a profit, and the enterprise has profit. Employees also have more bonuses, and benefits have greatly improved. The company is responsible for the employees and thus wins the employees to work with greater passion.

Responsibility for distributors is the basis for companies to expand their markets and become stronger and stronger. The old Hongyan's sales system is based on direct sales. However, with the development of the times, the division of labor in society has become increasingly refined, and the modern sales system of automobile companies has turned into a distribution system. Since the establishment of the joint venture, major adjustments and changes have been made to the original marketing system, and a new sales division has been established. The division area has increased the management of dealers and strengthened the training of dealers’ sales teams and service personnel of each 4S shop. , Strive to standardize service processes, unify sales standards, provide dealers with better refitted car companies, help dealers develop marketing measures for large customers, coordinate supply of spare parts for dealers, and fully protect distributors' regional interests. More than concessions to the distribution system, so that the distribution system has more confidence and responsibility to serve the good users. Allowing distributors to have good product sales, earning money, not being distracted by matters other than marketing and services, and avoiding the weakening of service due to price wars is the greatest responsibility for dealers.

Responsibility for shareholders is the fundamental guarantee for companies to establish strategic plans and long-term development. The multi-shareholders of Shang Yihong have plans and decisions for the strategic concept of the joint venture company. The investment is to win returns, be it with expected return or cycle plan. From the "special tyrants" listing to the "jie lion" listing, all were implemented step by step during the entire planning cycle of Shang Yihong. The situation of the joint venture company for the past 30 years will be dominated by Shang Yihong, and it will only be responsible to the shareholders, and it will continue to reach the shareholders' expectation of the joint venture company. It will be more stable for Shanghai Yihong to develop. "Jieshi" chose to go public at the time of the financial crisis, fully demonstrating that Shang Yihong has won the trust of all shareholders, and the shareholders fully integrate the three parties' power and have full confidence to meet new market opportunities. In addition to maintaining the advantages of the original Hongyan construction vehicle, the company will vigorously expand the market share of tractors and trucks while fully utilizing and seizing the requirements of China's vigorous implementation of environmental protection laws and regulations. With the implementation of the revitalization of the logistics industry in China and the emergence of new sales opportunities in Beijing, such as the change of the yellow standard for trucks and green signs, Shanghai Red will redefine the new standards for the heavy truck industry.

“Reminiscent of the old age, the thicker ones, we are looking to move from scratch.” In addition to being responsible for customers, employees, distributors, and shareholders, the development of Shang Yihong is also responsible for suppliers and the society as a whole. . A successful company must be a company that has the courage to undertake social responsibility. Shang Yihong is determined to become a successful model for a commercial vehicle company and to be a responsible commercial vehicle company. Because of this sense of responsibility, there is even more hope for Yiyin!
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