Qingling 80,000 Class III Light Carriages Launched in Commercial Vehicles

After the implementation of State III emission standards in July last year, the competition in the domestic light truck market was silenced. On April 3 of this year, the Qingling 100P, once known as the "evergreen tree" of the light truck industry, was revived. It was newly upgraded to a 100P State III light vehicle and officially landed in the Northeast Market at a shocking price of 80,000 yuan. The new round of competition in domestic light truck industry. "The 2009 young card market under the global financial crisis must have opened the curtain for short-term engagement." Qingling Motors responsible person responsible for sales said.

Isuzu 100P State III Light Pickup Put into the Northeast Market Conference

The cost-effective king of domestic light trucks

The Qingling 100P State III light car that was quietly "discontinued" since August last year was developed jointly by Isuzu and Qingling. The 80,000-class price is almost equal to that of the mid-range light truck, making it the king of cost-effective domestic light trucks.

The Isuzu 100P State III light vehicle has been upgraded to Isuzu by multiple rounds of upgrading at the technical level. The quality has met the global standard of Isuzu GCA; the use of electronically controlled dispensing pump technology has made it easy to meet the national III emission limit; the constant application of new materials and new processes has made the vehicle self-respecting. Light and fuel consumption is 20% lower than similar vehicles; 300,000 kilometers of engine are not overhauled; gearbox is used for life without pitting; and vehicle annual attendance rate exceeds 95%; after sale, it enjoys 100 Isuzu 4S brand franchise stores and 500 stores nationwide. The all-weather professional service of the subordinate express repair shop enjoys the full coverage of spare parts of pure Qingling original and competitively priced spare parts.

What makes the light truck companies even more worrying is that the price of the Isuzu 100P State III light car is as low as 86,000 yuan, which is 40% lower than that of the 100P country I car in 2001; it is 25% lower than the 100P country II car in 2008; and the current market The sales price of domestically-made mid-range light trucks remained flat.

The 100P country III light truck made its debut with such "performance" and "price" advantages. Undoubtedly, it once again refreshed the limits of the cost-effectiveness of commercial vehicles and won the favor of many middle-level users. It has revolutionized and restructured China's commercial vehicle market, while allowing more users, spending less money, buying and using world-famous commercial vehicles, and fulfilling its many years of ideals.

Three years of grinding a sword

Qingling Automobile executives stated that “After the temporary suspension of production of the 100P light truck in August last year, some people thought it was a permanent withdrawal from the market. In fact, this is a misunderstanding in the market. According to the national environmental protection policy, the total mass of the light truck is less than 5.3 tons. It can be sold on July 1 this year, but we started the development of the new 100P as early as 3 years ago, and we are determined to provide a more environmentally-friendly model for the domestic market as soon as possible. At the same time, we have reduced the price to 80,000 yuan to meet the needs of more consumers. It can be said that this is a painstaking effort by Qingling and Isuzu.

Indeed, the price of the Isuzu international brand light trucks is 80,000 yuan. Only Qingling can create the myth. This is entirely due to the company's responsibilities and belief in "Let more Chinese users use world-class commercial vehicles" for many years to discover the success of the Chinese auto industry.

According to reports, Qingling took the country's third emission threshold as an opportunity to comprehensively refresh the 100P product technology. After fully investigating the environment and conditions of use in China, Isuzu and Qingling implemented the local adaptive secondary development of 100P. Including: fully taking into account the current status of China's oil quality, tailoring the "absorption of the essence of Isuzu, using a new electronic control technology", easily meet the national III emission standards; taking into account China's logistics habits, the use of chassis manufacturing advantages, the development of different wheelbase, Different loading capacity and carrying different products to meet diversified needs; According to the advanced concept of Isuzu's “associated impact degree”, more than 90 product technical quality standards are improved and upgraded, and 100P and Isuzu’s latest technology are synchronized.

In addition, Qingling Automobile and Isuzu Automobile Co., Ltd. jointly manage the business. The two parties jointly plan their products. The international and domestic markets share resources. In the domestic market, a total of 400,000 sets of production and sales bases have been formed. In the international market, its key components and parts have been Large quantities of Japanese Isuzu are sold back to the market, and the two markets share costs at the same time, undoubtedly making the 100P price competitiveness of this re-debutment even more powerful.

Thanks to many years of thick foundation, Qingling and Isuzu’s continuous cultivation and well-built 80,000-level 100P country III light trucks have made a debut. In today's economic and market environment, the Qingling 100P has launched a heavy blow and its intention to reorganize the new light commercial vehicle market has been in full view.


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