Maoming high-pressure polyethylene plant lifting equipment

Recently, the construction company of Maoming Petrochemical large-scale equipment hoisting project of the Ten Jianjian Company completed the large-scale equipment hoisting task of high-pressure polyethylene equipment, marking that the project construction has entered a new stage.

It is understood that the Maoming high-pressure polyethylene plant equipment lifting total weight of more than 2400 tons, due to narrow construction sites, civil engineering construction and installation work cross, especially in response to the hoisting equipment within the dam, hoisting position and the location of the car is limited to 40 meters long In the aisles, the narrowest point of the aisle is only 13 meters. It is extremely difficult to assemble large-scale cranes and hoist equipment. To this end, the project department scientifically co-ordinates, optimizes the plan, carefully investigates, and accurately measures, the construction personnel work hard and sunny, rain at night, and work overtime at night. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of lifting, all means are used to overcome all difficulties and ensure the equipment. The lifting task is completed on schedule.

From October to November, Maoming High-Pressure Polyethylene (PE) equipment came to the market with large equipment. The staff of the Ten Construction Company Maoming Petrochemical Large Equipment Hoisting Project Department voluntarily gave up their rest, stuck to their posts, and raided and hoisted. They completed the assembly and disassembly of 275 tons of cranes and the assembly of 500 tons of cranes in 10 days. The unloading of primary and secondary compressors and the hoisting tasks of dozens of large-scale equipment such as the S1401 and V1301 have provided valuable time for the overall progress of the project. In late October, Tiangong was not beautiful, and it was raining for several consecutive days. Project manager Wei Chuanmin and workers resolutely insisted on the scene. On October 30, they rained and set up the car for debugging, and finally completed the assembly of 275 tons of cranes on time and ensured 3 sets. Silo, scrubber frame, etc. hoisted in place.

The successful completion of the large-scale construction of high-pressure polyethylene project of Maoming 250,000 tons/year completes the advantages of the “integrated” hoisting management of the Ten Construction Company, reflecting the tenacious spirit of work and hard work. At present, the staff of the Ten Construction Company are fighting on the construction site and initiate a new tackling battle to the target of “2·15”.

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