High-efficiency intelligent lining fluorine control valve leading domestic

Recently, the high-efficiency intelligent lining fluorine control valve independently developed by Zhejiang Flumet Valve Co., Ltd. and manufactured by its Fujian production base passed the Fujian Provincial New Product Technical Appraisal. Experts believe that its technical indicators have reached the leading domestic level, filling the gaps in the domestic field.

The new product first solved the problem of forming a lining under a complicated geometric structure, solved the problems of corrosion resistance, especially strong oxidants and strong acids and alkalis, etc., and high temperature resistance, and at the same time solved the problems of vacuum resistance, negative pressure resistance, and fluorine plastics. Difficult to integrate with metal parts, in addition to solve the whole powder molding and metal parts stick together process problems. This product breaks through the limitations of the existing lining pipelines, broadens the scope of use of similar products and the types of media used. According to another report, the company has also recently developed a fluorine plastic lining three-dimensional rotary forming globe valve, which is the first in China, and is also a high-tech product of anti-corrosion wear-resistant valves and pipelines. It is understood that these new products are now widely used in the more serious areas of corrosion.

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