Factory Directly Supply Tray Dryer, Fruit Drying Machine Ot-C-2

Model NO.: OT-C-2
Heater Area (M2): 20
Bake Cars: 2
Overall Dimension (mm): 2300*1200*2000mm
Application: Fruits Vegetable Food Drying Machine
Materials: Stainless Steel
After-Sales Service Provided: Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas
Delivery Date: 1-3 Days After Order Confirmation
Trademark: YUFCHINA
Transport Package: Zhengzhou, China
Specification: 1400kg
Origin: Export Standard Packing by Wooden Case
HS Code: 84199090
About  Factory directly supply  Tray Dryer,fruit  drying machine OT-C-2    

      Vacuum dryer is to let the raw material be dried at vacuum condition heating and drying. It uses vacuum pump to damp and make the working chamber form vacuum status. Therefore the dry speed is quickened and the working efficiency is raised.

Factory Directly Supply Tray Dryer, Fruit Drying Machine Ot-C-2

It is suitable for drying raw materials of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, electronics industry, Chinese traditional medicine industry and so on.

Factory Directly Supply Tray Dryer, Fruit Drying Machine Ot-C-2

1. The higher dry speed can be achieved at lower temperature and the heating can be utilized fully.
2. Unstable or thermal sensitive raw materials can be dried at lower temperature.
3. Raw materials that contain solvent or the solvent to be recovered can be dried.
4. The treatment of disinfection can be implemented before drying. Any impurities can not be mixed into it during the period of drying.
5. The drier belongs to static vacuum one. Therefore the shape of raw material to be dried can not be damaged.

Brief Introduction
1.most of the hot air can cycle inside the machine , high thermal efficiency ,energy saving.
2.there are some adjustable wind plate inside the machine , which can ensure the material uniform drying.
3.the heat sauce can be gas , electric , hot water , Far infrared etc, very convenient.
4.automatic temperature control,good running balance ,low noise and easy to use and maintain.
5.widely used for fruit,apple slice,vegetable,sea cucumber,fish products,herb, agricultural products, instant foods,mushroom etc.
6.The inside of the material is stainless steel , outside use the steel plate as the material
7.The thermal insulation system layer thickness is 150mm, we use the White aluminum silicate  as the thermal insulation material.
8.the temperature of the machine outer wall is less than 50 degree.

Factory Directly Supply Tray Dryer, Fruit Drying Machine Ot-C-2

Factory Directly Supply Tray Dryer, Fruit Drying Machine Ot-C-2

model batch drying capacity (kg) motor power (kw) EleOTric heating power
Heater area (m2) Overall Dimension
Bake cars Weight
OT-C-0 30 0.45 9 10 1400×1200×1700 0 600
OT-C-1 60 0.45 12 15 1400×1200×2000 1 800
OT-C-2 100 0.45 15 20 2300×1200×2000 2 1400
OT-C-3 200 0.9 30 40 2300×2200×2000 4 1800
OT-C-4 300 1.35 45 80 2300×3200×2000 6 2300
OT-C-5 400 1.8 60 100 4460×2200×2000 8 2800

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