China National Heavy Duty Truck Jinan engine production monthly engine tens

On March 31, the engine department of Sinotruk Jinan achieved tens of thousands of engine production in March, again setting a record high.

In March, in the face of gratifying market demands, all employees of the engine department overcame various difficulties, unanimously thoughts, seized opportunities, and learned and practiced the scientific concept of development with practical actions, while accelerating the implementation of the third-phase technology reform project and the transformation of the assembly line, The continuous optimization of the process, the implementation of the production schedule and the quality control of the production process, overtime work, and scientific scheduling arrangements have ensured a rapid increase in production and safeguarded the needs of the group company for loading.

During the implementation of the third-phase technology reform project, the leaders of the Jinan engine department organized the installation and commissioning of the third-stage technical transformation equipment according to the production situation. The equipment installation and commissioning personnel ate and lived in the unit and worked continuously and completed the work within 7 days in advance. The installation of some key equipment ensures the production needs.

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