Tungsten Carbide Angle  Guide Bushings
Usage : used for water pump, oil pump and other pumps, especially used for high pressure or corrosion resistance pumps.
   High hardness and transverse rupture strength,
  Superior performance on resisting abrasion and corrosion
  Material grade: YG series and YN series .  YG series is better in  transverse rupture strength, YN series is better in  resist corrosion  . So ,customer can chose material grade according to the work condition.
   High precision
   Perfect finish and Blank are availble  

Dimension :  have different type and dimension usually is made according to customer's requirements .
Tolerance : can be 0.01
Core adavantages: 
1.Quality guarantee:
  Raw material quality: Each batch materials have been recorded and can be traced. Besides, each batch materials have be sample inspected.
  Finished products quality: 100% full inspected
2.Strong technology:
  The physical and chemical properties of our products are higher than the industry standard ,GB.
3. Can receive order of shaped parts:
  We have strong development capability , can provide the best solution to customer according to the requirements of working condition ,such as raw material choosing. 
Quality control :
   Advanced quality inspect equipment;
   2 times sample inspect for raw material . 100% full inspect for finished products.

Packaging & Shipping
  1.Packaging way: Foam paper + carton box +wooden case
   2.Shipping way :    By DHL express 
                               By UPS express 
                               By Fedex express
                               By TNT express 
                               By EMS 
                               By air 
                               By sea  
Our Services
1. Warranty of 3 years ;
 2. Provide the best solution according to the work condition of the parts.

Company Information
History of HD Carbide
All it starts from 2004, when Metallurgical and Materials Engineer XieXianJian and Machinist ChenSuQuan, ZengZuoRan, followed their entrepreneurial dream and built a small workshop on the JinJi village near Petroleum Equipment city GuangHan, south west of China. Their dream was to be the "China's expert in tungsten carbide material". The desire to reach that target Tungsten Carbide products company took hold in their imagination and with years of hard work, they reached their goal and dream. HD Carbide's Tungsten Carbide products company is now in an international level and growing fast.
From the first product sample in 2010, we have past the world's most rigorous tests from John Care's laboratory in Chicago. Ever since we have past every test. During the cooperation with John Care and it being such a big international company, we have learned many advanced management concept and quality control skills which has helped us in efficiency at work, providing multi-angle improvement on our product performance and meaning that we consistently achieve our targets. With this we would like to express our appreciation and thanks to John Care. We will, as always, supply high quality, stable and speedy products.
Over the years we have strived to continue with our success and currerntly provide a number of tungsten carbide and cemented tungsten carbide cutting tools and wear parts for all industries.
To save your value time, please inform us of the following information:
1. Grade/ give us information of working condition , our engineers can provide the best solution for you.
2. Type/Dimension/Clear Drawing
3. Available tolerance
4. Order quantity for each type
5. Blanks or finished products
Our products rang:
Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seals
Tungsten Carbide Bush and Sleeve
Tungsten Carbide Cigarette Tobacc Drum/ Yew Paper Cutter / Tipping Paper In Cigarette Packing Cutter/ Filter Rod/ Tongue Cigarette Tow Cutting Tools
Tungsten Carbide Jewelry Blanks/ Wedding Ring Blank/Pendant/Watch Strap.
Tungsten Carbide Mining And Construction/ Mining Button Bits / Mining Tools
Tungsten Carbide Metal Forming / Dies / Punches
Tungsten Carbide  Fishing Sinkers
Tungsten Carbide  Cutters And Knives For Textile Machining
Tungsten Carbide  Orifice Plate
Tungsten Carbide Cutter For Food Industry/ Wood Industry/ Plastic Industry/Paper Industry
Tungsten Carbide  Wear Parts For Feedstuff
Tungsten Carbide Road-digging Teeth
Tungsten Carbide Customized Moulds

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Plasma Consumables

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