Touch Screen Frequently Asked Questions 1: Touch Screen Insensitive Process Flow 1 First, use cloth to clean the dust or foreign matter on the touch screen. 2 Open the touch screen software to calibrate it. 3 Loosen the screws on the back of the LCD screen, which may be caused by the tightness of
Now we have a detailed analysis of the pump maintenance knowledge for you by the Lebang pump manufacturer. 1. How long does the grease in the water pump bearing need to be replaced? For bearings, lubrication is an important issue in their performance. The appropriateness of the lubricant or lubric
When purchasing a new electronic balance, the first thing to consider is the quality problem. Secondly, the first time you receive the balance may be to install a balance. Many old customers of used scales will certainly not feel any difficulty, but they will use the balance for the first time. The